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Young Goldstein Architects, Inc.

YGAI specializes in all aspects of designing and caring for religious and community service facilities. We are oriented to working with organizations who believe, as we do, that the spiritual experience and condition of its members, volunteers and visitors is significantly influenced by the surrounding physical environment.

YGAI offers a full suite of professional design and management services ranging from the initial planning necessary to begin a new facility or to grow an existing one, to the care of a completed or older structure. Our clients deserve facilities that:

  • Provide the space needed to support their programs
  • Project an image appropriate to their missions and the spirit of their community
  • Are easily and efficiently maintained and operated
  • Provide for the possibility of future change and growth

YGAI provides client-oriented design services through a collaborative spirit that focuses on the community and lives of its client’s members and constituents, married with the unique characteristics of each project and site. Client involvement, “listening to the site” and careful financial planning are essential to achieving an optimal design solution.

YGAI is also not guided by a single architectural style. We approach the appearance of each project through a collaborative discernment of the client's vision. We believe that many styles are vital, and therefore our designs are varied in “look and feel”, responding to history, envisioning the future and establishing an enduring quality that a client can be proud of for generations to come.